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South Jersey Glass Workers:

Keep the Job You Have

Higher Pay

Better Benefits

It’s possible with
Glaziers Local 252
and Local 1009.

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When you and your coworkers join together in a union, you’ll keep the job you have while you get a seat at the table to negotiate directly with your boss. A union allows us to stand united at our work site, whether we’ve been here five days or twenty years.

Work a 40 hour work week to provide for your family.

Benefits included in your contract that cover most medical expenses in full

Retirement benefits and a pension that allow you to save for your future

No more overtime just to make ends meet

“When I worked non-union, I was making $18 an hour for 18 years. $300 a week came right out of my paycheck for my family benefits. In the union, my pay is greater and my benefits are included. I can finally save a nest egg for my family’s future.”
Member Photo Angel
DC 21 member

Work on safe job sites.

Free safety training for all members

Resources and dedicated safety inspectors if a job site seems unsafe

A union that has your back if you report unsafe conditions

“There's a big difference with working non-union work. You feel like you're out there on your own, and nobody really cares about your safety. With union work, I know other people are looking out for me, and I know that if I bring up a concern, the union has my back.”
Yani Member Photo
DC 21 member

Don't get stuck in a job; move up in a career.

Keep the job you have now, or choose to find another job site with our network of organizers and partner contractors

Free training to upgrade and learn new skills to perform more highly-skilled jobs

Regular wage increases as negotiated by your union brothers and sisters with your boss

“You can come down to the training facility at any time and get the hands on training that you need so that you're able to do the work better.”
Tureka, DC21 member
DC 21 member